Music Thank you for joining us at the 4th Annual Library in the Park. The event was held on Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018.

Big Sound

The following is information about groups that performed at the 4th Annual Library in the Park. Our line up included The Sextet, Urban Bucket Brigade Boot Camp and AyEl.


AY is a producer, writer, rapper and singer/songwriter. Born and raised in Kansas City, MO, AY has performed in more than 100 tour & college shows (2013-2014), including opening for XV, Cris Cab, Zak Waters & MTV Woodie Award Winner "The Lonely Biscuits", SHAGGY, Aaron Carter, T-Pain and More.

Trailer for AY's music video for the song "Neverland".

The Sextet

Playing original compositions and arrangements of bassist Robert Castillo, The Sextet plays music to move to and moved by. Castillo originally formed the group in the fall of 2015 in Portland, OR and he reformed the group with childhood friends and other prominent KC musicians when he returned to Kansas City. Robert's writing incorporates elements of funk, soul, and dance, as well as jazz song structures and harmonies. The result is contemporary groove jazz that a listener of any background can bob their head to. The songs are influenced by life events and experiences - a set can include a variety of emotions including joy, anger, frustration, and bliss.

Promotional video of The Sextet.

Urban Bucket Brigade Boot Camp

Jaisson Taylor creates an interactive and fun drumming workshops and programs for students. Using recycled buckets and rhythm, the book camp teaches children about the role of music in various cultures and how those cultures influence what we hear in music today. A love of children guides Jaisson's forays into education and music therapy. Through a long relationship with Kansas City Young Audiences, Jaisson continues to help influence the musical growth of area youth, through a variety of programs, including the Urban Bucket Brigade Boot Camp.

Performance by the Urban Bucket Brigade in 2011.


Kansas City native AyEl found his passion for music at the young age of 12. He began singing and then took a break from music all together to focus on school. After starting college, he became serious about his music career and began rapping. Influenced by J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey, Early Kanye West, and Nas -- AyEl doesn't hesitate to let listeners know his views on issues through his mellow, but hard-hitting beats. He describes his music as "soulful and relatable". His first project was "Reflection of My Community," and he followed up a few months later with "Establishing Credibility." His fourth full project "Silver Lining" contains lyrics about the young artist's life, observations of his city.

A portion of AyEl's music video for his song "Motion".