Featured Author

books The 5th Annual Library in the Park took place on Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019. Thank you for attending and participating in all the fun, music, food, and activities with our library! Check back next year for the 6th Annual Library in the Park!

Our Featured Author

Christine Taylor-Butler

The 2019 Library in the Park's featured author is Christine Taylor-Butler, award winning author of children's literature: fiction and nonfiction for all ages. She has authored over eighty titles and counting.

Join us as Christine Taylor-Butler will give a book signing and perform two science experiments with kids.

Learn more about Christine Taylor-Butler

Christine Taylor-Butler lives in Kansas City with fellow nerd/author Ken, a tank of fish, and cats who consider her both head of their pride and occasional servant. In her free time she ballroom dances, badly, and works on the sequels for her middle-grade/YA series "The Lost Tribes." For more information about Christine Taylor-Butler, please visit her online by clicking here.